Thank you for coming to Agape Management! As of January 2019, I am phasing out Agape Management. The new organization that I am building in its place is Educators Thriving. Please head here for the latest:

Questions I’m interested in:
  • Agape classrooms: How can we enable classrooms across the world to be suffused with unconditional love? What are the mindsets and techniques that a teacher can use to make that happen? 
  • Agape management: What would it look like to manage - a classroom of students, a team of adults, a direct report - in a way that is grounded in agape love? 
I believe that, if we strive to answer these questions with our minds and with our lives, the world will become a heck of a lot better in a hurry.

And, to be clear, I do not believe that the videos of my classroom serve as an exemplar of a classroom suffused with unconditional love. Far from it! I do know, though, that there was a sense in which I thought of my classroom as a platform for exploring answers to those questions. 

If those questions interest you as well, I hope that the resources on this site enable you to work to create classrooms, teams, and organizations that are more deeply infused with agape love.